Stix is our fresh, contemporary, beachside restaurant. Grab one of the colorful seats, enjoy a glass of refreshing rosé wines, beer or a mixed drink and nibble on an array of innovative dishes. Try our delectable coconut-coated corn on the cob, for a distinctly Caribbean taste combination. The flavors of our roasted chicken, cracked conch or bacon-wrapper fingerling potatoes are invigorated when presented on our skewers. Enjoy our fresh, tapas-style meal with your feet in the sand and your palate in paradise.

Stix Logo

Lobster Cocktail On A Stix 
Tangy Citrus Aioli, Chili Garlic Crumbs
Roasted Organic Chicken
Sour Apple, Crunchy Peanut Dip
Grilled Kurobuta Pork Belly
BBQ Syrup, Sweet Potato Straw
Spicy Sambal Beef Skewer
Scallions, Rum Pineapple
Turks Cracked Conch Stix
Chili Aioli, Lemon Fries
Tiger Prawns
Sweet & Spicy Mayonnaise, Green Tea Dust
Grilled Lion Fish
Pickled Carrots, Roasted Coriander Seed
Jerk Roasted Corn On The Cob
Grace Bay Coconut
Italian Vegetable Skewer
Olive Tapenade, Crumbled Goat cheese
Crispy Bacon Wrapped Fingerling Potato
Black Pepper Sour cream

Wishful Thinking
No Sugar, No Fat, No Calories, No Fun

Pina Colada Popsicle $9
New York Cheese Cake
Almond Crunch
Frozen Banana Rama
Caramel, Marshmellow

Cooling You Down

Domaines Ott, France
Glass – $16 Bottle – $90
Bandol, France
Glass – $12 Bottle – $48
M De Minuty, France
Glass – $12 Bottle – $38
Mixed Punch  $16
Pineapple Mojito
Pina Colada
Banana, Strawberry or Mango Daiquiri
Virgin Coladas & Daiquiris $8
Line Of Rums
Our In House Flavored Rum Selection
3 – $12
6 – $22
12 – $30
Soft Drinks & Sodas
Coca Cola, Diet Coca Cola, Sprite,
Club Soda, Ginger Ale, Tonic Water,

Prices are in US dollars and subject to 10 % service charge & 12% gov. tax